At My Aspirement, we are reframing women’s retirement and other pivotal life changes.  Empowering women to thrive and aspire for more.  

Encouraging and equipping them to create their own path forward. Our vision is for every woman to become it, believe it, and share it — her best self with the world.
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Aspirement is the New Retirement

We are on a mission to reimagine and transform how women perceive, plan for, and experience retirement. And to inspire women to embark on a journey that is uniquely and unapologetically their own.

your future

The MYA approach helps you imagine your future, discover the possibilities, and focus your energy and actions with intent.


Gain access to live and virtual coaching experiences including a collection of resources that have been curated to outline your goals.

a plan

Using our content guides, your personal direction, and meaningful milestones along the way, we will define your unique journey.

with others

Join in with our community — offer encouragement, share stories, and uplift each other as a reminder that we are in this together.

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This is Your Time.

MYA is here to provide the community, capability, and content you need to become the architect of your own destiny. Because you're a visionary, even if you don't realize it, we recognize the immeasurable potential that lies within you. Let's start now.

Quote by Camille Wolsonovich
We owe it to the women who have come before us, and the women who will follow our lead.
Camille Wolsonovich , Founder and CEO of MYA

Explore our Collection

Find what you're looking for within our personalized experiences.

Exciting details coming soon!

Women planning for you


The Magic of MYA
Quote by Mary Oliver
Few leaders stand out not just for their business acumen, but for their genuine passion and purpose. With a strategic foresight and unparalleled dedication, Camille and My Aspirement are reshaping the way society perceives and understands retirement for women, making it a period of rejuvenation, aspiration, and self-discovery.”
Alyssa B.
MYA Member

Empowered to Explore

Mind Opening
Quote by Mary Oliver
After retiring quickly, I participated in several MYA sessions.  This opened my mind to a whole new set of challenges and opportunities!  It helped me reframe how I was thinking about life after my corporate career. Not only do I feel empowered to explore what is next, but I also gained an entire new group of strong women friends.
Kathy E.
MYA Member

A Glimpse of MYA

Encouragement Story
Quote by Mary Oliver
MYA came about at just the right time in my life. I didn't want to live a life where I spent my time thinking and talking about how great things were “Before”, I wanted to live an exciting “After”, too (why shouldn't we have it all?). MYA helped me clarify what I wanted My Next to look like and surrounded me with a community of brilliant, fun women to do it with.
Mina M.
MYA Member
Quote by Camille Wolsonovich
Tell me...What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
-Mary Oliver

We thought you might ask...

Here are some common FAQs to help you get started.

What is My Aspirement?

MY ASPIREMENT (MYA) is a movement reimagining the very notion of retirement for women. We help women shift how they perceive, plan for, and experience retirement. We work with women to look beyond their current career and life stage to plan what may be next, and beyond.

Why was MYA created?

Because the traditional retirement paradigm DOES NOT meet women’s needs. Here is why:

  • Women live longer, earn less, plan less, save less, and will need more long term care.
  • Women are responsible for most caregiving.
  • Women are far less confident about having financial resources to last 25 years into retirement, though they will live longer.

Women deserve support in ways that are meaningful to them. MYA intends to meet them where they are and do just that.

Who can join MYA?

  • Any woman ready to explore the possibilities of her future.
  • Also, we welcome anyone to join us in the conversation and value the support of allies, partners and advocates who want to join us in our mission.

Can I join before I retire?

Absolutely! The earlier, the better, to transform how you perceive, plan for and experience retirement.

How can I get involved, and learn more about the MYA.

We welcome you to join the movement and share your thoughts.  We are just getting started and want to make sure we are building our community with you in mind. Please share your contact information so we can add you to our distribution list for upcoming news, events and more!

  • More information can be found at
  • Follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

What types of unique offerings will be available to MYA members?

  • Digital Tools & Resources  - An array of useful worksheets, checklists, e-guides, online courses, and other relevant supplies for your adventurous journey.
  • Your MYA Map Creation-  Our signature approach- part roadmap, part travel guide; designed through 1:1 coaching, small group experiences, or large group workshops.
  • MYA Custom Speaking Engagements & Experiences- We meet you where you are, and bring insightful consulting and custom content to your women’s group or event.
  • Memberships and More!- Stay tuned for MYA Memberships, Meet Ups and more that we have planned. Help us to know what matters most to you by keeping in touch.

Is there a cost to join, and do you have free resources?

There will never be a cost to join the movement. Please share your contact information so we can add you to our distribution list for upcoming news, events and more. As our collection of MYA offerings grows, there will be some downloadable resources, courses, memberships and events that will be fee-based.. And others that we offer for free.

Do you offer coaching?

Yes. Individual 1:1 coaching if you prefer to work privately with a coach, space is limited.. We also do group sessions, for those who prefer broader collaboration.

 Are there meetups in person?

Yes! Coming soon, starting in the Orlando area. With more locations to follow.

 What's up with the name?

  • My Aspirement better illustrates and personalizes what women actually seek. And distances the negative stereotypes or misrepresentations that traditional retirement may conjure for women. So, instead of retiring, we will be aspiring.
  • And shortened as MYA, because, well, close friends have nicknames. And our girl, MYA, knows we are all in this together.

 Can MYA help with financial planning for retirement?

MYA is not a financial planning service. You should seek a financial expert qualified to manage retirement savings. However, MYA will help women explore how their relationship with money influences their future.

Want to reimagine retirement? MYA is here for you. Contact us today!

We’d also love to connect about speaking opportunities and experiences where MYA can make an impact. 

Learn more about MYA.

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