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At MYA we are on a mission to redefine retirement for women by focusing on these things: 
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Meet Our Founder

    After a highly successful and magical 35-year career with Disney, Camille Wolsonovich is now dedicated to her passion project, My Aspirement, a global movement reimagining retirement for women.

    Camille is a certified Master Coach with a Master's in Human Resources from Rollins College, complemented by a Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Central Florida.

    During her time at Disney, Camille excelled in various operations and human resource leadership roles, and played a pivotal role in establishing the Women's Inclusion Network (WIN), the first women's employee resource group at Walt Disney World.

    Her extensive experience in executive coaching, coupled with her transformative work at Disney, has made her a catalyst for unlocking potential in individuals, teams, and organizations.

    Camille is energized by the infinite possibilities available to women pursuing their aspirations. Her vision is simple yet powerful:
    "Every woman deserves to become, believe in, and share her best self with the world in ways that are uniquely hers."

    Why MYA?

      My Aspirement was created out of a desire to chart her course between where she was in her career and envisioning her future. But when she couldn't find engaging resources that spoke to her, she thought, "Wow, have I worked my whole life for this?"  

      And just like that... MY ASPIREMENT (our girl MYA, because good friends have nicknames) came to life. 

      Camille thought, "I will work all of my life FOR THIS!" To remind women that they are part of a larger community of like-minded sheroes. A community that can and will collaborate and celebrate manifesting our future dreams.

      What is the MYA Community?

      Every woman needs a community of other women who will inspire and cheer her on. That is MYA Tribe.  By joining the movement, you won’t miss any news, upcoming information about our in person / online offerings, inspiring stories and more!


        Your personal goals have value. Invest in them. Your future is a grand adventure. Start imagining it.


        At MYA, we break boundaries through transformative partnerships, uniting brands with aspiring women. Together, we see brilliance in the many facets of women’s lives, empowering brands to flourish as we co-create a future of impactful, inclusive collaborations. Email us at info@myaspirement.com to learn more.