A MYA Friendsgiving Celebration of Gratitude

Today, we recount the joy of our recent My Aspirement (MYA) Friendsgiving celebration.

We came together to express gratitude for the extraordinary women who have shared their time and talents in support of our MYA mission. Gratitude for the brilliance, strength, resilience, and uniqueness that each woman brings.  

MYA Friendsgiving Gathering
Some of the amazing MYA community members who attended our Friendsgiving celebration.

Celebration: As we gathered for Friendsgiving, we took time to reflect on what makes our collaboration so special. Picture a gathering where laughter and conversation fill the room as we share a meal and share stories that radiate the warmth of genuine connection. Our Friendsgiving celebration was about appreciation for the incredible women who have stood with MYA since our inception. The atmosphere was charged with positive energy as we recognized our collective diversity and our shared commitment to empowering women to reach their aspirations.

Gratitude: At My Aspirement, gratitude is not just a seasonal sentiment; it's a value. Our MYA Friendsgiving was a testament to the deep-rooted appreciation we have for the women who have played pivotal roles in our journey and for the women starting on their own paths. Much like a diamond that catches the light from every angle, gratitude permeates every aspect of our community.

As we approach Thanksgiving, we're so thankful for the women who embody extraordinary collaboration. This is the very essence of My Aspirement (MYA).

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